Basic Training

The decision to pursue a Part 147 organization or University Education in the field of aviation depends on your specific goals, interests, and circumstances. Both paths have their advantages and limitations. Here are some aspects to consider to help you make an informed decision:

Part 147 Organization:

Specialized Training: Part 147 organizations specialize in preparing individuals for the aviation industry. Their educational programs typically focus on practical skills necessary for aviation careers.

Time Efficiency: Training in a Part 147 organization can be shorter (about 6 months for category A and about 18 months for category B1 or B2) and more focused on specific aspects of aviation technology and maintenance. This can help you enter the job market more quickly.

Certification: Upon completing training with a Part 147 organization, you can obtain valuable certificates regognized by all European Union Civil Aviation Authorities and Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licenses may be issued after training and appropriate basic maintenance experience that is essential for employment in the aviation industry.

Practical Experience: You will gain a significant amount of hands-on experience, highly valued in the aviation sector. This can be particularly beneficial for a future career in aircraft maintenance.

University Education in Aviation:

Broad Knowledge Base: University education can provide a broader understanding of aviation, including management, aeronavigation, flight safety, and other aspects. This can prepare you for diverse career paths within aviation.

Bachelor's and Beyond: A university degree (bachelor's or master's) can open doors to higher positions and opportunities in the aviation industry, including managerial and administrative roles.

Deeper Understanding: University education allows for a deeper understanding of aviation technologies and systems, as well as their integration into the overall air transportation system.

Research and Development: Universities may offer opportunities for research and development in aviation, which can be appealing if you aspire to a scientific or innovative career.

The decision depends on your goals and circumstances. If you want to quickly enter the job market and work in aircraft maintenance or repair, a Part 147 organization may be the suitable choice. If you prefer a broader knowledge base and are considering higher positions within the industry, university education may be preferable.

It's also essential to conduct research and evaluate specific training programs and career opportunities in your region to make an informed choice.

We permanently collect groups in Vilnius region, Lithuania to study Aviation Engineering in ANVA Aviation Academy - Part-147 maintenance training organization approved by European Union Aviation  Safety Agency (EASA).

If interesting - please, be in touch with Ms. Natalja Shustrova mob. +370 614 59 102